How To Use Tyt Confinement Herbal Bath During Your Confinement


Confinement herbal baths are a great way to keep yourself clean and hygienic after a long day of mummying around. Besides helping you stay comfy and refreshed, certain baths also have other benefits to them, such as improving your blood circulation, relieving your body aches, and more. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right confinement herbal bath for yourself.

What are the benefits of confinement herbal baths?

Your body loses a lot of strength, or Qi, after a strenuous process of giving birth. The loss of Qi causes you to feel weak, tired, and energy-drained. Confinement herbal baths restore and replenish your Qi, helping you get back on your feet sooner to care for your precious little one.

Besides, confinement herbal baths help relieve pains and aches on your body and keep the stress at bay. They are great for dispelling wind and the chills too, to prevent your body from ‘masuk angin’. Most baths also promote healthy blood circulation to avoid blood stagnation, especially after the first few days of giving birth.

It’s quite important to make sure you stay strong and healthy as much as possible so that you get to spend more time bonding with your baby. Trust us — there’s nothing else more precious in the world than nurturing that special bond you share with your child.

How do I use TYT Confinement Herbal Bath?

It’s as simple as A-B-C! Just follow the steps below and you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and more active after the quick, relaxing bath. All you need are TYT Confinement Herbal Bath Original/with Ginger and TYT Herbal Medicated Oil (Regular/Roll-on). Let’s get started!

Step 1

Boil a sachet of Confinement Herbal Bath or Confinement Herbal Bath with Ginger in 3 litres of water for 15-30 minutes. Then, remove the sachet and pour the herbal solution into your tub.

Step 2

Next, wait for the herbal solution to cool to ~37 °C or slightly warm to the touch. We recommend using the solution for a sponge bath 6 days a week, and a full-body bath on the 7th day using 2 bath sachets.

Step 3

When you’re done bathing, quickly dry yourself off and wrap yourself up in a warm towel. If your hair gets damp, dry it with a hairdryer so you don’t accidentally catch a cold.

Step 4

Lastly, massage some Herbal Medicated Oil onto your body, focusing especially where your body usually aches the most such as your shoulders and your back. It helps to dispel wind and alleviate your aching muscles.

And that’s it! Remember that you should avoid cool water at all costs and always shower with warm water. If you want to rinse off after the 2nd step, do so without using soap so that your skin can still absorb the herbal solution.

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