One family, three generations, and an unwavering

Commitment To Quality.

How It Began

From Herbal Formula To Business

60 years ago, an enterprising young man named Choo Boon Hock obtained a herbal formula from his mother, Madam Ooi Kim Sow. At that time, Madam Ooi was a well-known and much trusted Chinese physician in Penang and everyone knew her as “Ka Chow Chim”.

The herbal formula had been passed down to Madam Ooi from her forefathers generations before, as she’d come from a long line of physicians in Anhui Fong Yang district of China. Using this precious formula given by his mother, Boon Hock decided to concoct a herbal oil to heal common ailments.

Three Generations In The Making

Boon Hock began peddling this herbal remedy with his eldest son, Boo Teong. First they sold this herbal oil to their neighbours, friends and relatives. Soon, everyone was talking about this special oil and asking for more as the herbal oil was truly effective for healing everyday aches and pains.

The elder Choo decided to officially begin business in 1957 by producing the herbal concoction in small batches out of his humble home and selling this traditional liniment to Chinese medical halls in Penang and most of the northern states such as Kedah and Perlis.


The company today

His business had prospered to the point where he could start his own shop on Beach Street (the shop still exists today, the road is now called Lebuh Pantai). The elder Choo named his shop Hong Yang Hoo Teow Yang Tong, so named after his mother and where the herbal formula came from.

Today, the shop has been renamed Hong Yang Hoo T.Y.T. Sdn Bhd. The business is now managed by the third Choo generation, namely Boon Hock’s grandchildren, Ghee and June.

Celebrating our journey.

Celebrating our journey.

Celebrating our journey.

We are here to carry our forefathers legacy
to the future and beyond.

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