How To Give My Baby A Baby Bath? 4 Fuss-Free Bath time Tips For New Parents

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Bathtime is the best time for your baby to get a-splashing!

As new parents, baby bathtime can seem like a Great Big Task, especially if your baby doesn’t seem to like taking baths very much. A bath should be calming and relaxing, not agitating and frustrating. So, what can you do to make them less fussy whenever bathtime rolls around?

Why does my baby get fussy during bathtime?

Firstly, you need to understand why some babies seem to cry at just the thought of water.

Babies are very sensitive to changes in the temperature of their environment. They might feel uncomfortable when they’re suddenly immersed in too-cold or too-warm water, prompting them to get fussy and cry. That’s why you should always make sure that your baby’s bathwater is around the human body temperature, which is about 37 degrees Celcius.

Another reason why babies cry is that they might not like the wet, floating feeling in the bathtub. The sense of loss of control gets intimidating for them, so they’re actually getting anxious about the water and its depth. If that’s the case, you can try reverting back to sponge baths to get your baby more accustomed to the feeling of water on their skin. You can also use a smaller-sized baby bathtub instead so they don’t feel like they’re about to drift away.

That being said, your baby might be fussy at bathtime simply because they’re too tired. If you have a routine of bathing your baby close to their bedtime, try pushing your baby’s bathtime a little earlier in the day. Once your baby gets exhausted, they won’t want to take a bath anymore.

No more fussy baby at bathtime!

Now that you know why your baby kicks up a fuss in the tub, here are a few tips that should help make bathtime more fun.

Step 1
Before the bath, warm up a few drops of TYT Herbal Medicated Oil in your palms and apply it onto your baby’s soft spot and belly button.

Step 2
Warming up the oil ensures that your baby’s skin isn’t shocked by a sudden change in temperature. It also helps your baby to relax in the bath.

Step 3

Use only baby-safe bath products when giving your baby a bath, as their skin is extremely sensitive. After rinsing off the soap, immediately wrap your baby in a soft, clean towel and gently dry them off, making sure they stay warm.

Step 4

Warm some more TYT Herbal Medicated Oil in your palms and massage it onto your baby’s tummy to help relieve gas. Then, dress your baby in some warm, comfortable clothes and you’re done!

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Happy splashing!