Six Foot Reflexology Tips To Relax A Crying Baby

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Most people think foot Reflexology is just another word for foot massage, yet it is much more than that. Foot Reflexology takes specific reflex points on the foot to induce a healing response in corresponding organs.

When an infant starts crying, it may be difficult to figure out why exactly is she feeling uncomfortable. A gentle massage may help her feel a little more relieved, if not better.

Here are six ways to help your toddler using Foot Reflexology.
Reflexology experts also note that before starting the massage, the baby should be relaxed and encourage blood flow with a foot rub or with a warm bath.

1. Head and Teeth Ache

Babies will often have head and teeth pain. If you notice your child having these pains, massage the tips of their toes! This can be done while they are sleeping as well.

2. Sinus Pain

Sinus pain can be annoying as an adult, but for babies that have never experienced it before, it can be pure agony. For relief, massage the center underside of your baby’s toes. Apply a gentle pressure to provide pain relief!

3. Chest

When your child is going through congestion in the chest, relief can be found on the pads of the feet, just under the toes and above the arch. Apply gentle pressure and massage in a circular motion to relieve congestion and coughing problems.

4. Stomach Pain (Solar Plexus)

For the children suffering from upset tummies, spasms, tightness and trouble breathing, massage the center of the foot below the pads of the feet where the arch begins to get relief. This area is connected to the Solar Plexus, a collection of nerves between the stomach and lungs.

5. Abdomen Pain (Upper and Lower)

For constipation, heartburn, and indigestion, massage the space between the middle of your child’s foot and the pads of their feet. If the baby is having pains from gas and bloating in the lower intestine, massage between the middle of their feet and heel.

6. Pelvis

Babies can sometimes grow faster than certain parts of their body is ready for, and pain in the hips can be a common issue for young ones. Rub the heel to help with this problem! The heel can be helpful for constipation and upset stomachs as well!

If your baby is having major discomfort, it is still advisable to seek medical advice. However, these reflexology tips can treat minor and everyday issues. Do try these to make your little one feel better!

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