TYT Herbal Foot Bath

Herbal Foot Bath is suitable for office workers who are always sitting, labour workers who are always on their feet, people who rarely exercise, and the elderly who have a slower metabolism rate.

It can also be used as a herbal bath infusion in steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and spas. Suitable to be used as a hair wash too!.


⭐️️ Improves blood circulation 改善血液循环
⭐️️ Reduces swelling of the feet and ankles 消减脚和足踝轻微肿胀
⭐️️ Increases body metabolism rate 促进新陈代谢
⭐️️ Improves sleep quality 提高睡眠质量
⭐️️ Enhances overall health 增强健康

This product is certified halal.