TYT Herbal Ginger Tea

A traditional herbal drink, fully extracted from fresh native ginger is 100% original which means less sugar and no preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring!

Available in the flavours:

  • Original
  • Lemongrass
  • Red Dates

How to use it

Add one (1) tablespoon of TYT Ginger Tea into a 150-200ml cup of warm water and stir.

Is this safe for pregnant women?

Ginger tea is a healthy beverage that helps to warm up the body, relieve colds and ‘wind’, and reduce the nausea that most women experience during their pregnancy. It is also an appetite inducer for when pregnant women lose their appetite.

Add to that the calming effects of lemongrass and nourishing benefits of red dates, our TYT Ginger Teas are the perfect blend of flavour and comfort for when you need a little extra energy boost in the day.

Rest assured that there are no harmful side effects for both the mother and baby when consumed in moderation.

*Although ginger tea is good for health, pregnant women are advised to drink no more than 2 mugs of ginger tea per day to avoid ‘heatiness’ and constipation, especially in hot Malaysian weather.


姜茶有助于温中散寒、止呕、回阳通脉、补血正气、燥湿消炎、促进食欲 、治反胃呕吐,而且基本上对母亲和胎儿都没有副作用


*注意:建议孕妇每天喝不超过 2 杯姜茶以避免上火、便秘等其他症状,尤其是天气炎热的时候。