TYT Confinement Herbal Bath with Ginger

The modern mummy’s answer to hygiene and cleanliness during her confinement period, with the added benefits of ginger. Suitable for sponge baths, normal baths or showers, and hair washing.

If you’ve had a normal delivery, you can take a bath after 7 days; however if you’ve had a Caesarean delivery (C-section), you will have to wait for 10 days to take a bath. Even if you’re not allowed to take baths, you can still sponge yourself with warm water. Remember not to use cold water as it will cause severe headaches as a result of ‘wind’.


⭐️️ Strengthens the body after childbirth
⭐️️ Maintains overall health
⭐️️ Gets rid of bloating
⭐️️ Increases strength and stamina
⭐️️ Improves blood circulation
⭐️️ Reduces swelling
⭐️️ Relieves pain
⭐️️ Warms up the body