Cold-Pressed Ginger (Lemongrass)

TYT Cold-Pressed Ginger with Lemongrass

Our traditional Cold-Pressed Ginger with Lemongrass is made with fresh local Bentong ginger extract, lemongrass juice, and organic cane sugar. It has less sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colours, and no artificial flavouring — 100% safe and healthy for the entire family.


⭐ Relieves colds and warms up the body
⭐ Prevents bloated stomach and flatulence
⭐ Relieves indigestion
⭐ Boosts the immune system
⭐ Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels
⭐ Reduces risk of heart-related illnesses
⭐ Relieves nausea and stress
⭐ Reduces respiratory problems, menstrual cramps, and body weight
⭐ Helps combat migraines, motion sickness, blood clots, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease
⭐ Stimulates appetite
⭐ Prevents bad breath