TYT Baby Herbal Bath

Give your baby a calming and rejuvenating bath with Baby Herbal Bath to relieve common discomforts experienced by newborn babies, such as heatiness, stomach bloating, rash, and itchiness.

Baby Herbal Bath also helps to reduce heat rash and dampness. Improve your baby’s sleeping patterns with Baby Herbal Bath for a happier, healthier baby.


⭐️️ Relieves heatiness 缓解上火
⭐️️ Reduces stomach bloating 缓解肚子胀风
⭐️️ Alleviates rash and itchiness 缓解皮疹和皮肤瘙痒
⭐️️ Relieves heat rash 减少热痱
⭐️️ Prevents dampness 减少湿热

This product is certified halal.