TYT 28-Day Confinement Healing Soup

28 days of herbal soups for 28 days of confinement to help you recover more quickly, replenish your Qi, reduce aches and pains, and everything else that makes you stronger and more radiant at the end of the month.


⭐️ Improves lochia 改善恶露
⭐️ Reduces water retention 减少水肿
⭐️ Helps with uterus recovery 恢复子宫
⭐️ Replenishes Qi, energy and blood 益气补血
⭐️ Strengthens hip, back and legs 加强臀部、背部和腿部
⭐️ Increases production of breast milk 促进母乳产生
⭐️ Helps with weight loss 减少体重
⭐️ Improves complexion 改善肤色

The recommended formulation and soup schedule are done with considerations to avoid “blood flooding” during confinement care.


*This product is halal-friendly.
*Pre-order only. Kindly allow up to 14 working days to receive your order.