I’m a New Parent and I Can’t Sleep

Before you continue reading, let us congratulate you on being a new parent! Its gonna get tougher from here but it’s all good. Anything for your little bundle of joy.

Now, you might be one of the parents that is going through sleepless nights… We get it! There’s a lot of things to do when you’re adjusting to this new life. Restless baby, frequent feedings, and diaper changes can all make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Bet you missing the old days, huh? JUST KIDDING!

Here are FIVE steps that we can suggest for you to try to get better sleep.

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  • Share bedtime routine with your partner

Making a cooperative strategy throughout the day ensures that you are prepared to divide duties at night. As your baby’s requirements and patterns evolve, flexibility is extremely essential.  Take into account the distinct requirements and timetables for yourself, your partner, and your infant in order to help divide and conquer midnight feedings and care tasks.


Some families decide to only have one parent watch their child at night. The parent who is not on night duty may assist more during the day to help balance out overall obligations, such as by preparing dinner every night, doing the dishes, changing more diapers, or taking on additional daytime tasks to help share the weight of housekeeping and parenting chores.

Keep in mind that each family is different from the next, so what works for one family might not work for another. Taking up the nocturnal chores will be easier if you are proactive and communicate about them.

  • Ask for help from friends and family

Ask your parents, siblings, and friends for assistance if you’re fortunate enough to live close by and get along well with them. You’ll have an additional pair of hands if your partner returns to work if you try to spread out help throughout the first few weeks to prevent everyone from being there at once.They might even be willing to assist with feedings and diaper changes at night.

  • Catch a nap AKA catnap when you can

Undoubtedly, a cat nap won’t make up for all of your missing sleep. However, you shouldn’t undervalue the benefits of a brief afternoon nap. Moms who are new parents, in particular, can benefit from catnaps. According to experts, a 20 to 30-minute catnap will revive you without necessarily leaving you feeling foggy or out of it; instead, you’ll awaken with a better attitude and increased attentiveness. You will reap the rewards, even if it means dozing off while a friend or family member entertains your infant.

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  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Whether or not you have children, eating a balanced diet and staying active are essential for sustaining energy levels. Your metabolism is boosted by healthy eating, so start each day with a breakfast high in nutrients and make time throughout the day to feed your body with fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Drink plenty of water and steer clear of too much caffeine since both can make you feel even more exhausted. Dehydration can also make you feel fatigued.

  • Make your baby comfortable

Before putting your baby to sleep, make sure they are at ease. Making sure your baby is well-fed, comfortable, and has just changed their diapers is one of the finest things you can do to encourage him or her to sleep for longer periods of time (and you, too). Now, there’s the question of “How to make my baby comfortable?”. One of the best ways we can suggest is actually by giving your baby a massage!

Using our TYT Herbal Medicated Oil, give your baby a relaxing massage session before they go to bed. This will help them feel more comfortable and in the long run, have better and quality sleep. If you are curious on how to do baby massage, this blog can help you out!

Better yet, watch Aunty June’s step-by-step massage instructions on Youtube! 

Again, congratulations for your bundle of joy! We wish you a great pregnancy and parenthood ahead <3

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