5 Tips To Manage As A Career Mom

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Back in the day, it was a norm that moms quit their job. It is so that they’ll have time to manage to be available for their kids. However, thanks to the progress of time, where we are seeing a lot of shift towards improving gender equality in society, we see more and more moms working while still being present moms. Now more commonly dubbed as career mom, these working moms come with multiple challenges and struggles.

It might be challenging to return to work following maternity leave. However, it is possible to have a happy family life while pursuing a great job. Don’t let the fact that the reality may not appear exactly as you imagined it deter you. You can have both if you’re ready to put in the effort and work around the obstacles because being a mother doesn’t preclude you from having a successful profession. Now, here are 5 tips to manage as a career mom!

1. Manage and Prioritise

Allowing work constraints to creep into your family time is not a good idea. If you work late a lot, talk to your supervisor or coworkers about setting up a schedule where you leave at 5 p.m. on some days. Work together with your partner to ensure that you are both prepared if one of you has to work late. This way, your family will recognise which days are designated for family dinners or one-parent nights, and they will learn to value those moments together.

Determine the priorities of your family. One of the tips that you can use to manage as a career mom is by using an online calendar, It can include due dates for bills, a chore plan for the kids, a calendar of school and family events, extracurricular activities, birthdays, and other information. There are various online calendar tools that you can use to sync with your entire family.

2. Set The Boundaries

Keep an eye on your work phone for new messages, but don’t mix work with family time. Being effective requires you to manage both your attention and your time. It’s not always easy, but you’ll quickly reap the rewards, feeling more energised and focused.

However, having clear boundaries does not imply that we will not think about work when we are not working or that we will not think about personal matters when we are working.

We don’t have any switches in our heads that allow us to switch off who we are or what we’re doing.

3. Have Your Own Space

Now, this tip is specific for working moms that are working from home. There are numerous advantages to having a personal office at home. While working from home, having a dedicated location allows you to focus, mentally puts you in a work mentality, reduces distractions, and helps you achieve a work/life balance.

Working from home makes it more difficult to distinguish between personal and professional life because your computer is always around. On the other hand, it aids in turning work off. If you have a separate area set aside as an office, it’s a good idea to use it exclusively for work. You are no longer at work once you exit the room. If you’re using a shared space, remember to put your work stuff away. Being able to detach yourself from your work environment visually will assist you in disconnecting from it and will serve as a signal to your brain (and family) that you are not working. That is another tip for you to manage as a career mom.

A dedicated workspace can enable you to be a more effective professional while maintaining healthy connections with your coworkers and family.

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4. Delegate Chores

Many mothers find it challenging to delegate duties to their children and spouses since they believe they only have so many hours with their families to spend. They also don’t want to waste time arguing over who should do what. As a result, moms are burdened with most housekeeping on top of their employment duties outside the home, and family members are reluctant to assist around the house.

Begin by delegating and making duties a routine for everyone in the family. Then, find ways to keep everyone engaged. Children should start doing simple chores. This includes putting away toys while they are small and move to more challenging tasks as they get older.

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5. Let Go of ‘The Mom Guilt’

Whether you’ve never heard of mom guilt or can’t seem to shake it, it’s the constant sense that you’re not doing enough as a parent, that you’re not doing things correctly. It can also be the sense that you’re making decisions that will “mess up” your kids in the long run. Mom guilt can be so pervasive that it interferes with your capacity to parent or function. If you think your ‘mom guilt’ is causing you much anxiety, talk to your doctor about it. It could be a sign of a more serious mental health problem like postpartum anxiety or depression.

Stopping the subconscious comparisons and recovering confidence in your own decisions for your family is a challenge for many women. The best tip we can offer is to listen to your children and your intuition. Mother’s intuition isn’t a myth; it’s a powerful source of wisdom and decision-making power that we women throughout history, have relied on to keep our children safe and healthy.

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Now-the choice for you to be a career mom or not is totally up to you. However, doubters will always tell that women can’t do it all. Never beat yourself up for not following the norm, but pride yourself on taking the best way you know it’ll be for you and your family. A woman can do anything and not let gender become a barrier to achieving their goals.

Remember always to be kind to yourself and accept that this life is a process and progress. Just because you are one or two steps behind or do things differently means that you are wrong. You are a strong woman capable of it all. Never let anyone tell you otherwise! Enjoy our selected range of products that you can read more on and purchase below.