5 Things To Pack For Your Baby Before ‘Balik Raya’

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Ramadan is about to reach its end, and most of us are probably getting busier now that we can go back to our hometown for Hari Raya! There are definitely new parents in the thick of all of this who are just getting used to packing before returning to their homeland. Listen, we understand that this may seem tedious and repetitive, but trust us when we say that putting this at the top of your list will pay you in the long term. What’s ‘this’? Why, your newborn baby essentials for travel, of course!

Now, you might be wondering, what are the baby essentials I should bring? (Of course, aside from their cutesy baju raya) In this article, let’s go through 5 things for you to pack for your newborn before ‘Balik Raya’.

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1. Diapers

Diapers and wipes should be your first priority when packing for your infant. Never leave home without 3 diapers, wipes, a changing mat, a spare baby outfit, and lots of disposable storage bags. Another simple rule of thumb is to estimate the number of diapers required for the trip. Double that amount. Some parents might actually disagree on bringing that many diapers but hear us out: sure you can buy more diapers at your destination, but think of these:

  • Will you have the time to stop and buy?
  • If you do, would you be sure that you would find the brand that you actually like?

It’s always better to prepare rather than frantically searching for stuff that you need last minute.

2. Food Stuff

As far as travel necessities for babies go, food is the one that people seem to be having the most trouble with. The age of your child and whether you are breast or bottle feeding will determine which of these things you need and which aren’t. Just pick out the things that are right for your baby. If the baby eats solids, you can bring homemade baby food in resealable containers with you when you go. In the summer, keep them out of the sun and in a cool bag.

The same rules apply when you feed and feed your baby milk. You need to carry food or milk the same way you normally would. If your baby is still exclusively breastfed, there are still a lot of things you need to make sure of, such as:

  • Making sure that you drink enough water.
  • Making sure you eat well

If you’re a breastfeeding mother currently having trouble with lactating, don’t be stressed out. Lack of milk can be caused by several factors, but there is always a solution to help. Try out our special made-upon-order Mummy’s Lactation Soup, which is enriched with herbs specifically to help with producing more milk.

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3. Baby Travel Car Seat

If you are going to travel for a long time, this is one of the most essential for travelling with a baby. Infants and newborns are the tiniest and most vulnerable creatures on the planet, which is why they must travel in a car seat. Some countries will not allow you to transport a child from a hospital to your house unless you have a properly installed car seat. You need to make sure that your car seat fits your baby well to keep them safe. Since infant carriers are made for newborns, they are a good fit from the start. This is extremely crucial if your child is small or born early. To see if the car seat fits, make sure that the shoulder strap slot is at the same level as or slightly lower than shoulder height.

4. First-Aid Kit

The thought of going on a trip with babies or toddlers makes people nervous about what to pack. There are a lot more things that come with these babies than there are with the Royals. Downsizing is the key to having a good time on a road trip. It’s true that you don’t want to forget your baby’s first aid kit, though. A first aid kit for babies and toddlers is always a good idea, no matter where you are. Whether you’re going to Grandma’s, the beach, on a ski trip, or the park, you need one.

We strongly advise you not to leave home without this. Find one that’s all-natural, safe, and effective, with no negative side effects. It’ll be a hassle for you to pack so many things into one: so we suggest you get our travel-friendly TYT Minyak Daun Ubat oil which is so versatile, suitable to help gas relief for your baby, and can even help you should you need a first-aid medication.

Be kind to yourself. If this is your first child, you’re in new territory. You’ll have a better idea of how easy most newborns are as time goes, but if you already have other small children to manage, that won’t help when you’re chasing a toddler and carrying a lot of luggage and your newborn at the same time!

As with everything else about travelling with kids, it gets easier. There is also a lot more to it! Getting ready for that trip back to your home will be a lot of work, but getting it done early will give you more confidence for other trips. You will become more confident as a parent and a traveller if you make it through your first trip with a baby. You’ll be able to mix and match the two more and more as you go on.