5 Ideas For The Most Unforgettable Father’s Day Experience

Written by: Cindy Banun

If you’re reading this article, then it must mean one thing: Father’s Day is coming up, but you’ve got nothing prepared yet. Perhaps you did not have the time to think about a gift; or inversely, were worrying too much about finding the perfect gift that you have not settled on anything yet. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

A generic gift from the gift shop isn’t enough to express your love for your father. Instead, let us treat your dad to an experience he won’t forget.

Firstly, what is your father’s hobby? What does he like to do in his spare time? Is he physically active? It is also important to factor in the personality of your father. Different types of Father’s Day activity appeals to different fathers. Thus, you need to have a good understanding of your father.

Without further ado, let us introduce the best ideas for an unforgettable Father’s Day experience:

1. Spend a Day Doing Dad’s Favourite Things

Spend the day with your dad on one of his favourite activities. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, or exploring nearby cities, this experience will be one that he’ll never forget.

Does your dad enjoy gardening? Spend a day helping your dad around the garden. If dad likes to plant and grow fruits and vegetables? Chances are, you’ve had dad’s hand-grown fruits and vegetables before!

Return the favour by helping dad tend to the garden, and that includes ploughing, weeding, watering and trimming the plants. While you’re at it, show interest in dad’s gardening and ask him some questions about specific plants. Example: the pollination process, fertiliser types, plant growth cycle and so on.

Although gardening is used as an example here, you can also show interest in dad’s other hobbies by participating and asking questions. Perhaps your father likes to go fishing, camping, city exploration and so on. We’re sure that your dad will feel very happy if you were to take the time to do dad’s favourite things. This is a fun bonding experience that you and your dad will surely remember for years to come.

2. Trip to the Great Outdoors

Everyone is eager to go out as the Covid-19 lockdown restriction eases. This includes your father as well. If your father is still physically fit, why not spend some time going for a trip to the great outdoors?

Some examples will include going hiking locally in the hills and mountains. Or you can also book a short holiday trip and bring your dad to a place that he had never had the chance to go. To make things easier on your budget, just book a weekend trip to a popular local tourist attraction. Make your father’s day by going for a snorkelling trip in Langkawi, enjoying delicious food in Penang, learning about different Malaysian heritage and cultures by visiting historical landmarks etc.

Allow him to experience the natural wonders of the world and the best that our great city has to offer. Don’t forget to tailor the trip to your dad’s preferences. If dad’s more into learning about history, then make sure to visit a museum or a heritage house. Or if your dad enjoys experiencing different cultures through his taste buds, then going on a curated tour around the area’s popular food is mandatory.

However, do exercise caution when bringing dad out for a trip, even if it is a short one. Be mindful of your dad’s health and remember to bring along medicines and our very own Cold-Pressed Ginger Sachets. Our tasty ginger drink will help in relieving colds and warms up the body and prevent bloated stomach and flatulence. Ginger can also aid in relieving indigestion and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which is a common illness among the elderly.

3. Pamper Session at a Spa

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Our father has worked hard in raising and taking care of us. Pamper your father on Father’s Day by taking him for a relaxing pamper session at a spa. There are different establishments that you may choose. Ranging from reflexology centres, barbers, massage parlours and even high-end spas. These establishments offer different types of pampering services such as facial and body treatments, manicures and pedicures, massages and so on. Most of our dads have never gone for a spa session before, so some awkwardness and hesitation may be present. You can choose to accompany your father so that dad does not feel averse to entering the establishment. So that you can guide dad throughout his first-ever pampering session.

4. Relieving Fond Memories with Dad

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

Spend some quality time with your dad and reminisce about the fond memories you’ve shared. If your parents were in the habit of taking photos of you and your siblings, then this is the time to take out the old musty photo album from the storage. Ask your dad for a bit of his time to reminisce about the past, whether it is about the old sundry shops that you’ve visited when you were a child or dad’s own childhood experience. This will allow you to share some laughs, and it will also allow you to feel closer as a family.

Dad might even talk about his first time travelling, his own university graduation, first working experience etc. You may find some similarities in your past experiences, uncertainty and the excitement of the unknown is a universal experience. This will allow you to bond over the past and share some intimate moments that you’ve both shared.

Food may also provoke feelings of nostalgia, so why not also prepare dad and your own favourite foods while looking at the family photo album. Make it into a group activity by asking each of your family members to participate in cooking and preparations. Don’t forget to document this happy and eventful day with a photo to add to the family photo album!

5. Participate in a Craft Workshop with Dad

If you have some time on Father’s Day, consider taking your dad on a fun craft workshop. Not only will this allow you to spend quality time together, but it will also allow you to bond over some of your shared interests. Here are some interesting workshop activities to consider: woodworking, painting, cooking, pottery, photography etc.

Ensure that the craft workshop that you have chosen is something that the both of you can enjoy together. It will be a meaningful day as you can both learn new skills and create something beautiful together. It is also an opportunity to bond with your dad while having a fun day out.

At the end of the session, you will have something to bring home, whether it is a photo, art, or sculpture. Gift it to your father to commemorate the fun day that you’ve had together.


These are only some of the ways that you can utilise to give your father an unforgettable Father’s Day experience. Whatever it is that you choose to do, ensure that your father had fun as well. Besides planning out fun activities, you will also need to think about dad’s current physical condition so as not to stress out his body too much. Ensure that your elderly dad drinks plenty of water and stays out of the sun. Also, ensure that your planned activities are accessible by car or public transport.