5 Factors To Consider When Going Out With Your Baby

baby outing with family
Written by: Cindy Banun

It’s not healthy to stay at home without any external stimuli, and same goes for your baby. You can bring your baby out when your baby is at least 2 months old. Prior to this, a short walk at the garden around your house is sufficient for your baby to get a breath of fresh air. However, you must keep your baby under the shade of an umbrella or a stroller because a baby’s skin is more sensitive compared to an adults’.

When your baby is at least 2 months old, you can go on longer outings with your baby, however there are some factors that you must consider to ensure maximum comfort for your baby.

Here are 5 factors to think over whenever you want to bring your baby out on an outing or appointment:

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Living in Malaysia, the weather can only be categorised as sunny, cloudy, or rainy. The good thing is, that the temperature does not fluctuate much as compared in temperate countries. However, the heat and humidity are not very suitable for babies. If you are doing any outdoor activities, ensure that your baby has proper shade. At the same time, it is important to choose a time when the sun does not shine too brightly. An optimal time to give your baby a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors is during sunrise or sunset. Babies cannot regulate heat well, so sweat will cause a rash on your baby’s sensitive skin. Keep an eye out and ensure that you check your baby’s temperature often.

2. Distance and Available Transportation

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Your baby is not accustomed to traveling as much as you are, so keep in mind the distance that you need to travel. If possible, take as many stops or breaks along the way for your baby’s comfort. If you are planning for a long road trip to return back to your hometown, ensure that you take frequent breaks at rest stops along the highway. Use this chance to feed your baby and change their diaper. Make sure that you and your baby get enough movement and stretch before resuming your journey.

If you’re going anywhere with your baby, whether to the supermarket or to the doctors, it is important to choose suitable transportation. Babies cannot regulate their temperature, and toddlers are quite sensitive to temperature.

That’s why it is best if you have access to a car when going places with your baby. This will ensure that they do not get too hot, and you can adjust the air conditioner. You can bring a blanket for your baby if they get too cold too.

3. Amenities for Your Baby

Availability of amenities for your baby is an important point to consider when going out with your baby. That’s because your baby may require diaper changes, toys to play with, a quiet place for breastfeeding or bottle feeding and so on. They may also prefer a quiet location to enjoy some quiet time after a day of going around busy malls or parks. Your baby may feel fussy and cry for attention right in the middle of a busy store, and you’ll probably need to relocate as soon as possible to avoid inconveniencing other shoppers.

Some malls offer baby room for you to utilise if you need to feed your baby. Try to do your research in advance to reduce or prevent any stressful situations.

4. Diaper Bag Essentials

Before going out with your baby, ensure that you have properly packed your diaper bag at least a day in advance. Doing so will ensure minimum stress when attending to your baby outside, especially when you need to be quick and precise with your actions.

Here are some things that you should include:

Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, TYT Oil for baby massage, hand sanitiser, nursing cover when private areas are not available, milk and bottle, and a change of outfits are essential to have in your diaper bag.

Consider getting a diaper bag if you do not have one yet, as it comes in different designs with multiple compartments, which helps to sort out your baby’s things much easier.

5. Duration of Outing

How long do you plan on staying out of the house? This is an important factor to consider as it affects the amount of supplies that you need to bring in your diaper bag. It also affects the choice of transportation and affect the need of bringing along some ‘helpers’. For example: baby blanket, pillow, toys, or even an iPad to keep your baby happy and distracted.


Your baby is delicate, so special accommodations need to be given to ensure that they are happy and calm. However, don’t try to stress yourself out and don’t forget to have fun!

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