When you bring home that newborn from the hospital, you soon realize that sleeping like a baby doesn’t mean what most people usually take it to mean.  Babies need a lot of sleep; however, it takes time before they can sleep through the night.  The amount of sleep children need changes as they get older. Read more

Each woman recovers in her own unique way after caesarean birth, just as after vaginal birth. Pain medications can help during the first few days (the medications given are considered safe during breastfeeding). The nurses will assist you in getting up the first time, learning to cough or huff to keep your chest clear, dealing with the gas that can follow surgery, and learning to hold your baby in ways that are comfortable for you. If assistance is not available when you need it, press your call button and ask for help. Read more

喝姜茶的好处有哪些?天气冷时,就会容易感觉不舒服,还容易引起感冒,而很多女性,尤其是孕妇或刚生完孩子不就的妈妈,更是容易手脚冰冷。面对恶劣的天气,更应该注意保健。此时,不妨喝多些姜茶来御寒和提高免疫力。下面就来告诉大家喝姜茶有什么样的好处!:) Read more

Ruam merupakan masalah biasa di kalangan kanak-kanak dan boleh terjadi dalam pelbagai situasi. Sebahagian daripada ruam boleh menjadi serius, tetapi kebanyakannya adalah tidak merbahaya. Ada sebahagian daripadanya adalah serius dan memerlukan rawatan perubatan. Read more

Every bath time can be a special time for bonding with your new born. Cooing, singing, talking — your baby loves the sound of your voice and thrives on your soft touch.

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了解孩子的心理,是教育孩子的第一步。同样的,只有充分了解了婴儿的皮肤特点,父母才能更好地护理宝宝的皮肤。这里介绍一下宝宝皮肤的7 个特点和7 种护理方法:

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