During pregnancy, your body temperature is naturally higher because of the heat generated by your baby and her metabolism. You may feel uncomfortable and tired, even more so when the weather is hot, but there are a few ways to alleviate the situation. Read more

Hot weather can make it tricky for parents to keep their infants safe and comfortable. Babies can easily be affected by the heat. Overdress a baby and he could develop a heat rash; expose his fragile body to hot conditions and he could be vulnerable to sunburn or heatstroke. As a parent, it is now an important responsibility for you to take good care of your little one in the midst of the hot weather these days.

To make sure your little one stays cool and protected during the long, hot days, check out our expert advice. Read more

最近的天气热得像个蒸笼,使人头痛。不论你走在烈日炎炎下的大路,或是已进入树木、房屋的阴影;不论是在早晨还是在傍晚,那暑日的热总是伴随着你,缠绕着你,让人心烦。 Read more

Having a new baby is an exciting time but it can also be a time of uncertainty and worry, not just for first-time parents but even for more experienced parents as each baby is unique and can present a whole new parenting experience.

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Mempunyai anak baru adalah waktu mengujakan tetapi ia juga boleh menjadi detik ketidaktentuan dan menggusarkan, bukan saja buat ibu bapa kali pertama malah buat ibu bapa yang berpengalaman kerana setiap anak adalah unik dan boleh menjadi punca pengalaman serba baru. Read more

家里增添   新成员确实令人雀跃不已,然而,对初为人父母者而言,照顾新生儿可一点儿也不简单,对比较有经验的家长也是如此。这是因为每一位宝宝都是独一无二的,肯定为您带来全新的育婴体验。 Read more