TYT Confinement Herbal Bath + Ginger

Officially Launched!

TYT Baby Herbal Bath

Tender care and infinite love for your baby. TYT Baby Herbal Bath
relieves the common discomforts experienced by new born babies,
improving baby’s sleeping patterns.

TYT Confinement Herbal Bath

Improves blood circulation and removes wind for new mothers.
Contains 7 types of herbs packed in ready-to-use, convenient sachets.

TYT Herbal Foot Bath

Frequent herbal foot baths are good for
rejuvenating and relaxing, improving body metabolism and
sleep patterns.

TYT Herbal Medicated Oil

Certified Halal by JAKIM and approved by
the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
Safe for the whole family including
babies and pregnant mothers.

Everyone Benefits from Our
Herbal Medicated Oil

Our TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is a fast and effective traditional medicated oil useful for the whole family.


A remedy for external ailments and skin problems, TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is totally safe to be used on babies and children.

You will always have quick relief for wind, stomach ache, minor sprains, burns, cuts, insect bites or insect stings, numbness, backache, post natal wind, rheumatism and minor injuries.

Our TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is certified Halal by JAKIM and approved for use by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

This medicated oil is made using a secret formula which existed during the Qing Dynasty. Our ancestors improved on this secret formula which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Since 1957, we have been making TYT Herbal Medicated Oil and other health-giving products such as Confinement Herbal Bath sachets.

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